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Will we get a sequel to Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire? Depends entirely on audience interest

The answer is a resounding "maybe," although there's definitely some people into the idea behind the camera

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We waited several decades for a sequel to the original Ghostbusters films, with 2021’s Ghostbusters: Afterlife serving as the long-awaited follow-up every kid from the 80s dreamed of. Now, with Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire about to hit cinemas, there is already talk of a potential fifth movie in the mainline Ghostbusters series, though we might need to wait before a sequel to Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire is announced.

Even before Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire hit the big screen and returned the franchise to its New York City roots, director Gil Kenan was gauging interest in future films while on the press tour. He told Total Film magazine that he and producer Jason Reitman have already been talking about not just one but several sequels.

“Jason and I really love Ghostbusters,” he explained in the interview. “We love these characters and we would be really happy if audiences were down to keep going on adventures with them. If audiences feel this way, then we know what the next stories are going to be.”

In this case, we’re assuming that audience interest is going to be measured in box office receipts, so it sounds like the studio is still on the fence about whether the franchise is worth the investment. Ghostbusters: Afterlife was a box office success, but that could have been fuelled by nostalgia and fanservice rather than an actual appetite among audiences. If Frozen Empire performs on a similar level, then we might get to call on the Ghostbusters a few more times.

We might not know if there will be another live-action sequel to Ghostbusters, but we are still hopeful that the untitled animated film that has been floating around for several years, which promises to tell a story from the point of view of the ghosts that get busted, will eventually see the light of day.

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