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Vault Comics' new series Godfell delivers high fantasy on a scale you've never seen

How big is Christopher Sebela and Ben Hennessy's new series? It starts with the death of God

Godfell Preview
Image credit: Vault Comics

The fall of God was just the beginning. In Vault Comics’ upcoming February 2023 launch Godfell, the fantasy land of Kerethim is disrupted by the sudden appearance of a dead God, leading to a war between forces seeking to control the world in the wake of its creator’s demise — no matter the cost. One soldier might be able to stop the carnage… as long as her dangerous journey across the corpse of her former deity doesn’t kill her first.

The series was part of Vault Comics’ Monday announcement of its first new titles of 2023, alongside Songs for the Dead: Afterlife, and Money Shot Comes Again — but there’s a lot more to Godfell than some solicit text can reveal, as the title’s creators told Popverse.

“I’ve been lucky enough to have a chance to write in so many genres I love — crime, horror, sci-fi, romance, historical fiction — that I began to wonder if there were any stories in me that fit into the genres I wasn’t as crazy about,” writer Christopher Sebela explains. “Fantasy is one of those things I love in concept for the endless array of wild things it allows you to do in a world you build yourself from the ground up, but the end results have never quite sucked me all the way in. So instead of psychoanalysis or deep introspection, I decided to write my own as a way to find out what kind of fantasy does work for me. And rather than dip my toe in, I just cannonballed into the pool and came out with Godfell — a book that’s bigger than maybe anything else I’ve done before.”

It might be bigger than ever, but the new series, he continues, “still has all the elements I love like our complicated and slightly questionable characters, backdrops full of unspoken history and mysteries galore but stuffed inside a world where berzerkers ride tapeworms through the excavated leg of a dead god and monsters lurk in the hollows of village-sized internal organs. Godfell has opened a door I thought would forever remain rusted and half-shut for me and finally given me a new genre to love as whole-heartedly as all my reliable favorites.”

Artist Ben Hennessy says that he’s been “pouring myself into the character designs, as well as the flora and fauna that this story takes place in. There’s some fun chimera’s that you’ll see knocking around in our book and interestingly our fantasy book has a setting which is more akin to Fantastic Voyage than Middle-earth. Our two ‘heroes; Zanzi and Neth have been a joy to work on. I’ve been taking inspiration from Xena, Conan and Cassandra from AC: Odyssey for Zanzi. Zanzi is as awesome as any action hero you’ll ever see, she seems to be able to solve just about any and every problem with her axe. She's a very creative problem solver. The other part of the duo is Neth who’s far more inclined to take a stealthy solution to a problem in comparison to Zanzi’s usual loud and proud preference. So they obviously, both get on like a house on fire.”

The series is a labor of love for Hennessy, who added, “I’ve been trying to break into the comics industry for a while. Now that I finally have, I really hope to make a good first impression and Godfell has given me a great opportunity to make that happen.”

The series launches February 22, 2023, with covers by Hennessy and Nathan Gooden, both of which you can see in the gallery below, alongside an exclusive preview from the first issue.

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