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Keanu Reeves stars as a guardian angel in a pickle in Aziz Ansari's new class comedy, and we've seen a clip

Good Fortune follows a gig worker who, with the help of a guardian angel, switches lives with his boss (with some complications)

Keanu Reeves in John Wick Chapter 4
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What would you do if you got to switch lives with the more fortunate? Aziz Ansari's new class comedy Good Fortune (which Ansari wrote, directed, produced, and starred in) asks this very question as it showcases a downtrodden Keanu Reeves as a guardian angel who gives Ansari's character the chance to change lives with very rich Seth Rogan.

At CinemaCon 2024, Lionsgate showed some footage of the film that gave a healthy taste of what to expect from the film, with Reeves getting in trouble when Ansari's character refuses to go back to his own life. As Reeves says to another angel, played by Sandra Oh (because, obviously), “I tried to show him that wealth cannot solve all of his problems..." but the problem is, of course, that wealth happened to solve all of his problems despite that.

This incident puts Keanu's angel in an unfortunate position and at risk of losing his wings, which in turn leads to him and Seth Rogan's once-rich-but-now-gig-worker character to strike up an unlikely friendship.

Though Good Fortune doesn't have an official release date yet - it's currently billed as "coming soon" - it certainly looks like a comedy that will drive folks to theaters. It has Keanu Reeves as an angel, after all. (And Sandra Oh, too.)

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