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Grand Theft Auto VI's first trailer exudes chaotic energy in a return to Vice City

We're so back.

GTA VI trailer
Image credit: Rockstar Games

We were expecting the Internet to break today because of the long-anticipated launch of the first-ever GTA VI trailer, but someone leaked it early and ruined their plans, so Rockstar had to push the big red button when half the planet was asleep. Regardless, the trailer managed to hit around 60 million views via the official YouTube channel alone in around 12 hours. You can watch it below:

The first-ever GTA VI trailer in all its glory.Watch on YouTube

Unsurprisingly, Rockstar Games’ next release (which may easily become the biggest launch in video game history) looks absolutely stunning and way above anything on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S that is available at the moment. Perhaps more surprising to some is the lack of a PC release when it arrives in 2025, though GTA veterans know this is how Rockstar’s devs have been rolling for years now with their biggest releases. That doesn’t mean there won’t be one… eventually.

As for the few characters we meet in this first trailer and the overall tone, it all feels both familiar and new. We’re getting two leads (Lucia and Jason) instead of three, but their relationship is much more intimate, as they’re literally a couple inspired by Bonnie and Clyde. Coupled with the narrative glow-up that Red Dead Redemption 2 represented for the company, we could be looking at the series’ most engrossing story so far amidst all the illegal chaos and hilarious moments coming our way. It looks like they nailed the Florida (called Leonida in the GTA universe) and Miami (Vice City) energy perfectly, judging from social media reactions from the people who live there.

Even more important is the fact GTA is finally getting a female protagonist, something that fans and casual gamers alike had been asking for ever since GTA V came out in 2013. It shouldn’t have taken Rockstar so long to get there, but we’re glad it’s finally happening. Yes, we know the first-ever GTA game had playable female characters, but they weren’t exactly story-heavy, and the series was essentially soft-rebooted with the third game.

Should we expect an old Tommy Vercetti cameo? Don’t count on it, as GTA V largely ignored San Andreas despite some nods and callbacks. Plus, Ray Liotta sadly passed away in 2022.

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