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Hal & Carol romance continues in Green Lantern #1 variant by Pete Woods

Hal will defend Earth even as the Guardians abandon it in the wake of Dark Crisis in the new series

Green Lantern #1 variant cover
Image credit: Pete Woods (DC)

It’s been awhile since Hal Jordan has taken the lead in a Green Lantern series — since the end of Grant Morrison and Liam Sharp’s psychedelic The Green Lantern in early 2021, in fact — but the test pilot turned space cop is back in action this May in the new Green Lantern series launching as part of the 'Dawn of DC' initiative… and he’s not alone.

The 40-page series will feature two strips in each issue; a lead strip centering around Hal Jordan dealing with the aftermath of events in Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths — an aftermath that sees Earth quarantined by the Guardians of the Universe, with Hal trapped in Sector 2814 as a result… and looking for the man he believes ruined his life, Sinestro — and a back-up strip, with Phillip Kennedy Johnson and Montos telling a story of another Green Lantern with the fascinating title 'John Stewart: War Journal.'

Fans of Stewart should pay special attention to that back-up: Johnson has stated publicly that the back-up strip is a prelude to a full John Stewart miniseries coming later in the year.

The creative team on the Hal Jordan strip is Jeremy Adams — current writer of The Flash, although that’ll change come June — and Xermanico, fresh off the Flashpoint Beyond miniseries, which was co-written by Adams. A preview of art from the first issue was released by DC to coincide with the Dawn of DC panel at Wondercon in Anaheim, and you can see it below, alongside Xermanico’s cover for the first issue, as well as fan-favorite Green Lantern artist Ivan Reis.

CHeck out a unlettered uncolored preview of Green Lantern #1:

And here is all of the Green Lantern #1 covers released so far:

Green Lantern #1 will hit stores May 9.

Everything you need to know about Dawn of DC — which books are part of the relaunch, when they’re coming out, and more — can be found right here.