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Guardians of the Galaxy writer says things are going from "bad to much, much worse" with fall of Groot storyline

The mystery behind the galaxy's biggest threat will be laid bare, promises Marvel

Image credit: Marvel Entertainment

For months, the world(s) of Marvel Comics' Guardians of the Galaxy have been turned upside as the group has been forced into retreat, attempting to save whoever they can from the threat of Grootfall — but what is Grootfall? This summer, the release of Guardians of the Galaxy #5 promises to reveal, if not all, then at least the biggest secrets behind the new status quo of Marvel’s cosmic playing field.

Guardians of the Galaxy #5
Image credit: Marvel Entertainment

'Grootfall' has been central to the new comic book series since it was first announced, with the term used to describe some kind of intergalactic planetary disaster that is… related to Groot, if not personified by him. The origins and full explanation of what Grootfall actually is haven’t been shared… until this issue, it seems. (Don’t be surprised if the reverberations continue beyond, however.)

Marvel’s official description of the issue reads as follows, “The mystery behind Grootfall is revealed. How will this forever change the course of the Guardians? Find out here.”

Talking to Popverse, co-writer Jackson Lanzing teases, “It all comes down to this: a last stand against the unstoppable force that is Grootfall. The events of this issue will have game-changing ramifications for everything that comes after — and will lead to the full revelation of Grootfall's many mysteries. Strap in, folks: in true - Guardians of the Galaxy fashion, things are about to go from bad to much, much worse."

Lanzing co-writes the issue with Collin Kelly, with art by Kev Walker.

Guardians of the Galaxy #5 will be released August 9.

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