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Hack/Slash's new writer/artist Zoe Thorogood is coming to a con dressed as her character Cassie Hack

Zoe Thorogood is one of the world's best comic creators -- and now cosplayers

Zoe Thorogood
Image credit: Zoe Thorogood

Comic conventions are the crossroads of many things, including comic creators and cosplay. But one of soeone did both?

Zoe Thorogood, writer and artist of the current Hack/Slash: Back to School series at Image, has announced she's coming to today's GalaxyCon Columbus for day 2 of her stint in Artist Alley - and she's doing it dressed as her comics' titular star, Cassie Hack.

If you're at GalaxyCon Columbus (or can get there in the next 36 hours or so), go to Table 1932. If you have trouble finding it, Thorogood says "just follow the trail of fake blood. It ain’t drying."

Hack/Slack: Back to School #1 and #2 are on sale now, with the final two isues expected January 24 and February 21, respectively. A full collected edition is in the works for APril 26, 2024.

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