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The Marvel Hulu show you forgot about is getting a second season

Hit-Monkey, starring Jason Sudeikis and Olivia Munn, is back for more R-Rated action

Image credit: Hulu, Marvel

And you thought it was only the popular Marvel shows that get renewed.

According to The Direct, Hulu's violent, animated action comedy Hit-Monkey is heading back to the streaming platform for a second season. Following the exploits of a Japanese macaque trained by a world-class assassin, Hit-Monkey was based on the comic of the same name created by Daniel Way and Dalibor Talajić, published by Marvel in 2011.

However, the second season of the show will be distancing itself from its origins at the House of Ideas.

Already distanced from the rest of Marvel's output by its TV-MA rating, extremely adult themes, and bloody violence, this next season will not feature the typical branding the comic publisher gives the rest of its IPs. Notably, as The Direct points out, there is no Marvel logo on the show's Instagram announcement of the next season.

Still, the next chapter in the series won't be entirely unfamiliar to the folks that watched the first. Returning to Hit-Monkey is its main vocal cast, including Jason Sudeikis (who plays assassin Bryce), Olivia Munn (who plays hero-turned-villain Akiko), Ally Maki (who plays honest cop Haruka), and Fred Tatasciore (who plays, well, Hit-Monkey).

No official release date for the show's second season has been announced, but the Instagram post we mentioned earlier confirms that the show is expected some time in 2024. We'll let you know as soon as we hear a release date drop, but in the meantime, you can stream the first season of Hit-Monkey on Hulu right now.

And hey, if enough people do it, we might be announcing a season three of the series someday. Who knows? Hit-Monkey might end up being one of the popular ones after all.

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