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Hit show ER turns 30 this year, and Noah Wyle and a few ER friends are on call for a spiritual sequel (as a documentary)

The Pitt, which has been ordered for 15 episodes by the streamer, will bring together John Wells, R. Scott Gemmill, and Noah Wyle

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It's been exactly three decades since the first episode of ER debuted on NBC, but the show's fanbase has never flatlined. And although the show isn't coming back (yet!), fans will soon have a reason to rejoice as several of its creators reunite for a new medical drama.

Announced March 26 via a Max press release, new drama The Pitt will be "a realistic examination of the challenges facing healthcare workers in today’s America as seen through the lens of the frontline heroes working in a modern-day hospital in Pittsburgh." And who better to do hospital hijinks than the cast of ER?

Specifically, the show will star Noah Wyle, who played Dr. John Carter for the entirety of ER's run, 1994-2009. Joining him as showrunner is R. Scott Gemmill, who served as a producer and regular writer on the ER since 1999. And wrapping up the reunion is John Wells, who acted as both executive producer and showrunner for the medical drama classic.

The ER alums sent out a statement along with Max's press release, expressing their excitement to be returning to the medical field in entertainment. "We are grateful to Warner Bros. Television and Max for giving us this opportunity to return to the world of urban medicine," the statement reads, "The myriad of challenges facing the doctors, nurses, technicians, patients, and their families who work in the trenches of modern medicine have become only more pronounced in the decade and a half since we last visited their stories. We’re thrilled to be able to return to this world with the support of our partners and are looking forward to pushing the boundaries of dramatic realism and medical accuracy in following the lives of these heroic men and women."

The Pitt has been ordered for 15 episodes, though no official release date has been announced. Trust us when we sya, though, that we'll let you know as soon as we do - with a crew that's alreday got one 30-year legacy under their belts, we expect there will be a lot of eager viewers.

The ER is currently streaming on Max.

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