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Station 19 streaming: Where to watch all seven seasons of the Grey's Anatomy spin-off series

Things get awfully hot in that fire station.

Station 19 season 6 screenshot
Image credit: ABC

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With Station 19 switching to a new, later time on Thursdays, fans might miss out on seeing the new season when it debuts in March. However, the world of streaming offers plenty of chances to catch up with everyone’s favorite firehouse crew, provided that you know where to look. Here are all the places you can stream Station 19, from its beginnings as a Grey’s Anatomy spin-off through to its seventh and final season.

The good news is that you have plenty of options to stream Station 19, though those options might change depending on where you live. Because it airs on ABC, the episodes usually stream on Hulu the day after they broadcast on TV if you live in the US. Fans in the UK and other territories can watch Station 19 as part of a Disney+ subscription.

If you don’t want to pay for a whole subscription service to watch Station 19, you can also find each season on Amazon Prime Video, though you’ll have to pay by the season or episode. This is a good option if you missed a single episode but it will end up costing you more if you want to watch the entire series.

Despite vocal fan outcry, Station 19’s seventh season is expected to be its last. While other networks or streaming services would be able to pick it up, that is unlikely for a show this far into its run. The good news is that the producers seem to have been given ample warning of the show’s cancellation so they could wrap up any dangling plot threads before the final curtain closes on Station 19.

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