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Never received your Hogwarts letter? Get your own thanks to this Harry Potter memorabilia auction

We're not expecting it to be delivered through your chimney though.

Harry Potter catching Hogwarts letters
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You can get a Hogwarts acceptance letter plus a promotional wand from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone for a pretty modest price if you're good at bidding.

If you're reading this article, you're probably too old to be realistically expecting a fresh Hogwarts letter to arrive. There's a solution if you still really want it though: Jumping on this magical auction. One of the most memorable scenes in Chris Columbus' first Harry Potter movie is the one where countless Hogwarts letters swarm the Dursley household after Uncle Vernon forbids Harry from stepping into the world of magic, so it comes as no surprise that many millennials have a soft spot for the sequence. If you're one of them and got some spare cash, you might want to look into this lot.

Bidding for this pack will take place on Tuesday, March 12, beginning at 9:00am PDT, same as William Wallace's claymore sword from Braveheart, Elf's wooden rocking horse, and The Big Lebowski's checkbook. While some of those items are expected to sell for high prices, this one should fall on the cheaper side despite the massive popularity of the Harry Potter IP.

The bidding for 'Harry Potter's (Daniel Radcliffe) Hogwarts Acceptance Letter Envelope with Promotional Wand' (promotional items, not used in the production of the movie) will start at $1,250 and is expected to go up to the $2,500 - $5,000 range, which isn't too much if you're a diehard Wizarding World devotee with deep pockets.

The Harry Potter IP isn't enjoying its brightest hour at the moment, with all the mounting criticism of J.K. Rowling's upsetting anti-trans views and the failure of the Fantastic Beasts sub-franchise's five-movie plan. Regardless, the Wizarding World remains an extremely profitable universe — as proved by the Hogwarts Legacy video game — for all involved, thus Warner Bros. Discovery is moving ahead with a new adaptation of the Harry Potter books that will be a high-budget TV series to be released on Max.

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