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The X-Men get the party they've always deserved with Portland's Homo Superior this May

The retro-80s event is being promoted with some beautiful Kevin Wada artwork

Homo Superior 2024
Image credit: Kevin Wada

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As no less a luminary than Dame David Bowie once put it, you’ve gotta make way for the homo superior — and that’s definitely the case for X-Men fans in the Pacific Northwest, with Portland, Oregon hosting an X-Men-themed drag show and dance party next month that looks back to the true pride of the X-Men: the 1980s.

Taking place at local venue the Get Down, Homo Superior: An X-Men Themed Drag Show & Queer Dance Party — to give the event its full name — returns for a second year (after a wildly successful debut in 2023) with appearances from Dax ExclamationPoint, D'Manda Martini, WolfgangX, LÜCHI, Sophora the Aura, Mona Chrome, Tomboy, and Kloud, and music from Emoji Heap, LéMix, and DJ Magnetrix.

The description of the event is spectacular: “Vibe-wise, this year we harken back to the 80's, the heyday of the X-Men. Look for performances embodying that era, as well as celebrating the newly codified Darkholme Dynasty, proudly featured on the event flyer! X-Men looks highly encouraged!”

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Oh, and about that flyer — yes, that is a portrait of Mystique, Destiny, and Nightcrawler by none other than Kevin Wada. Attendees of the event have the opportunity to buy prints of the flyer, as well as prints of the flyer for last year’s event by the great Sina Grace, which sounds like a deal to us.

Homo Superior 2024
Image credit: Kevin Wada

Consider it a celebration of the X-Men, a celebration of queerness (and one so much better than Marvel’s Pride Month variant covers), a celebration of being hated and feared by a world you’re making better by your very existence, or simply the kind of night out that everyone from Emma Frost to Rachel Summers would approve of: Homo Superior: An X-Men Themed Drag Show & Queer Dance Party takes place May 18 in Portland, Oregon. Our fingers are crossed at least one Cassandra Nova shows up.

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