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Sina Grace flies into this week's Enter the Popverse to talk teen Superman and more

If Superman's not your thing, there's also Gen V and WGA strike updates

Enter the Popverse Episode 33
Image credit: Popverse

As the leaves start turning and the nights start drawing in, let us retire to warmer climes and think about happier things — like, for example, the fact that this week’s Enter the Popverse sees none other than Sina Grace talking about his upcoming YA graphic novel, Superman: The Harvests of Youth. It’s the story of Superman as a teen, coming to terms with… well, being Superman. Won’t somebody save him? (Sorry, wrong teen Clark Kent.)

The always wonderful Grace (whom you might know from his run on Marvel’s Iceman, or perhaps his Image Comics series Getting it Together or Burn the Orphanage) isn’t just writing the upcoming Superman book, he’s also illustrating it, and he’ll be telling Enter the Popverse host and video producer Ashley Victoria Robinson about what’s behind the story and why it’s turned into such a personal project for him.

On the entirely opposite end of the superhero spectrum, this week sees the launch of Prime Video’s Gen V, which spins out of The Boys and features a particularly debauched take on the “teen superheroes have a superhero school experience” trope, and staff writer Graeme McMillan will be joining the show to talk about the weird and wonderful superhero universe not enough of you are watching. (No, really: you should check the show out.)

And as if that wasn’t enough, it’s also been a big week for the WGA! Those who want to know just how the strikes are going might also want to check in to get the latest. All that, and whatever else occurs to Ashley in the moment — this is a live episode, so feel free to offer some suggestions in the comments, because she reads them as they’re coming in — will be available via YouTube this Friday at the regular time: 10AM Pacific, 1PM Eastern! Or, if you’re worried that YouTube might prove to be too distracting, don’t! Just bookmark this page and come back on Friday and watch the episode live below.

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Meanwhile, on last week’s Enter the Popverse, Rodney Barnes shared some secrets about the upcoming (Spawn-gueststarring!) arc on his Image Comics title Killadelphia. Go on; take a bite.