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What to watch after House M.D.

Finished all eight seasons of House and don't know what to watch next? Here are our recs

Promotional image for House
Image credit: Netflix

House is a singular show. It's no surprise that everyone seems to be rewatching it right now. Hugh Laurie compeltely steals the show, and who doesn't love him thinking his way through the thorniest and most improbable medical cases that can be imagined by anyone?

But there are only eight seasons of House, and if you're reading this guide, my guess is that you've finished watching them. So what to turn to next? Here are our recommendations.


Sherlock Holmes
Image credit: BBC

House is a modern adaptation of Sherlock Holmes (House and Wilson are Holmes and Watson), so maybe another adaptation of Sherlock Holmes might be just the thing to turn to next. BBC's Sherlock launched both Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman into the international limelight with a sharp script from Stephen Moffat and a slick design. Andrew Scott's Moriarty is particularly thrilling.


Two main characters of Suits wearing suits
Image credit: NBCUniversal

There's another show that everyone's been rewatching lately, and it's Suits. While you may not think that Suits and House have too much in common, if you like House because it's fun to see people who are doggedly good at their jobs (no matter how questionable their behavior can get), Suits might fit the bill.

The Mentalist

Still image from Mentalist
Image credit: CBS

If you like to watch detective-types solve mysteries with seemingly impossible deduction skills, The Mentalist makes for a good watch. The show falls pretty squarely into your basic detective show structure, but police consultant Patrick Jane has a somewhat House like quality as he breaks all the rules and lords his brilliance over everyone else.


Promotional image for Scrubs
Image credit: ABC

Maybe you don't like House because of the brash and brilliant characters. Maybe you just like a hospital setting. If that's true, then give comedy Scrubs a try. It's warm and funny, but watch out - it can break your heart too.


Promotional image for Shrinking
Image credit: Apple TV

If you want a workplace/medical show that's all about disaster people (and possibly medical malpractice), Shrinking is a good bet. With great performances from Jason Segel, Harrison Ford, and Jessica Williams, there's a lot of charm and pain in this one.

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