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House of Flame and Shadow is out now! Watch Sarah J. Maas discuss 'Crescent City' and more

Watch the full panel from New York Comic Con 2019

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Raise your hand if you've been anxiously awaiting Crescent City 3!

House of Flame and Shadow is not only the highly anticipated third book in the 'Cresent City' series, but also *spoiler* this novel plans to take us back to familiar worlds and familiar faces as it is set to cross over with other SJM stories such as the 'A Court of Thorns and Roses' series.

The first 'Crescent City' novel, House of Earth and Blood was released in March 2020, while the second novel, House of Sky and Breath, was released February 2022 (and let me just say to all my bookish friends who read CC2 when it first came out and have been sitting on THAT ENDING since then... I don't know how you did it). House of Flame and Shadow will be released on January 30th, 2024, and will feature a variety of bonus chapters from different character's POV available at a variety of retailers.

Here at Popverse, we are taking a look back at the Maasverse with a full panel from New York Comic Con 2019. In conversation with fantasy and romance writer Laurell K. Hamilton, Maas discusses her passion project Crescent City. The bestselling author discusses diving into a more urban fantasy type story, being emotionally attached to her characters (as we all are), giving advice to aspiring writers, and answers the question, "If you were to get a tattoo similar to one of your characters, what would you get?" Curious which character Sarah chose? Be sure to tune in for the answer!

Watch the video below — and feel free to share your favorite moments, quotes, or characters from ACOTAR, Throne of Glass, and the Crescent City novels! Just be careful with spoilers.

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