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How did Taylor Swift influence The Fourth Wing? Rebecca Yarros tells us all about it

With the second book in the Empyrean saga, Iron Flame, out in stores now, Yarros talks to Popverse about her musical inspirations

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Hot off the release of the next book in the Empyrean series, author Rebecca Yarros sat down with Popverse's own Veronica Valencia for a chat, and what a chat it was. They covered an impressive amount in just seven minutes; Yarros's reactioon to the first novel, Fourth Wing, becoming such a hit, a very helpful pronunciatioon guide for all those dragon names, and at one point, Taylor Swift.

After labelling herself a Swiftie, Yarros was asked about a song of the artist's that represents her main character, Violet Sorrengail. Here's what she had to say:

"I wrote a lot of Fourth Wing to Miss Americana & the Heartbreak Prince because I think it has a lot of underlying political themes in that song that kind of go with Navarre. So any Taylor Swift songs are mostly I would say representative of Xaden and Violet and I would say [Halsey’s] Nightmare is more Violet."

"And I Know Places," continued the author, "I wrote a lot of Iron Flame to I Know Places."

Fans of both The Empyrean books and Taylor Swift probably aren't surprised at the connective tissue between the two. Themes of young love, great expectations, and rampant inequality are prevelant throughout both. In fact, both Miss Americana & the Heartbreak Prince and Fourth Wing take place at schools that are all about hierarchies and the identities that are thrust upon the young, willing or not. But just how does Iron Flame reflect I Know Places?

You'll have to read it to find out.

Iron Flame is available to read now.

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