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Where will Taylor Swift's Era Tour stream? The answer shows how savvy and smart she is

Swift's team is reportedly waiting for the end of the SAG-AFTRA strike to begin streaming negotiations

Image credit: Taylor Swift Productions

So you missed the Eras Tour. I mean, it was pretty damn tough to get tickets. Then you tried to check out the Eras Tour movie in theaters; easier to get tickets, sure, but life has a talent at getting in the way. Now, as your entire existence is threatened by the giant, Swiftless vacuum in your soul, you're probably wondering:

When and where can you stream the Eras Tour movie?

Unfortunately, there isn't an answer to that yet.

Though streaming services are no doubt leaping at the chance to put Swift's film on their platform, the Taylor team is holding off negotiating streaming. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the negotiations won't begin until the end of the SAG-AFTRA strike, currently on 106th day.

This isn't the first time that team Swift has tipped their hat to SAG, either. Earlier this month, EW reported that the Eras Tour concert film had SAG's blessing, after a representative was quoted as saying "It's important to note that the terms Swift agreed to include all of the provisions in our final offer to the AMPTP, demonstrating the viability of our provisions."

The EW also points out that Taylor Swift herself is a member of SAG-AFTRA, appearing in films such as Cats, Valentine's Day, and Amsterdam.

No, it didn't say anything about her being in Deadpool 3.

With no end to the strike in sight, it may be a while until we even know which platform will have the Eras Tour, much less when it'll be available. For now, Popverse has thrown together a list of other Swift content that you can stream right now, as well as where you can look.

You're welcome.

Speaking of the SAG-AFTRA strike, it may just affect what costumes you see this Halloween.