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Taylor Swift's Deadpool costume was cooler than yours

It's me, I'm a mutant: Joining the ranks of every YouTuber at a Comic Con, Swift dressed as the Merc with a Mouth in 2016.

Image credit: Taylor Swift, Instagram

Deadpool: Marvel's most popular Anti-Hero. A The kind that makes you say "I Knew You Were Trouble." A guy who's inspired plenty of Bad Blood, with a Blank Sapace for a brain, though his healing factor lets him Shake it Off.

See where I'm going with this? Okay, good, because I was running out there. We're gonna talk about when Taylor Swift was Deadpool for Halloween.

It was October 31, 2016, or as you might remember it, the "before times." T-Swift and a group of pals (T-Sqwad? Squift?) were celebrating the evening with a collection of cuter-than-creepy costumes, with Taylor opting to go the superhero route.

Now, if you or I were to dress as Wade Wilson for Halloween, we'd likely just go with the store-bought option. Or perhaps you have some cosplay skills (I certainly do not) and could whip up your own. But not Taylor Swift. She goes above and beyond. In fact, she goes to the source.

See, in the photo up top (originally posted to Taylor's Instagram), the costume she's wearing isn't a movie mockup, it's the real deal. That is Ryan Reynolds's actual outfit from the first Deadpool movie. The star confirmed this in an Instagram post the next day (reported by Vogue), thanking Reynolds for being "the best Deadpool inside contact ever."

Some say you can still hear screams the Liefeld residence.

Unfortunately, the original post has been taken down, but thanks to reporting from Cosmopoltian's own Peggy Truong, some of the messages and interactions around it are still readable. My personal favorite is the simple response of "#HusbandUpgrade," from Blake Lively's account.

Oh by the way, it's not for nothing that we're talking about Taylor Swift and Deadpool all these years later. There's a rumor going around as I'm writing this that Taylor will actually appear in Deadpool 3 as the mutant Dazzler. Check out IGN's Christina Alexander for a breakdown of the theory.

Nothing's confirmed of course, but, hey, it's not impossible to imagine that the singer would be interested. If nothing else, to get her own wearable piece of cinematic history.

Deadpool 3 is slated for release May 3, 2024, provided Marvel doesn't push it... Back to December.

Sorry, I'm done.

We don't know if Taylor Swift is in it, but we have done some digging on the next Wade Wilson movie. Here's Popverse's guide to everything we know about Deadpool 3.