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"I kind of live con crunch" YouTube star creator Odin Makes shares his passion for cosplay & conventions

Bringing your favorite things to reality with YouTube star creator Odin Makes

Odin Makes
Image credit: Popverse

Cosplay, prop making, and craftsmanship have become the cornerstone of participatory fan culture at conventions across the globe. One of the most amazing creative resources for fans the world over has been Odin Makes, who heralds the power of foam, making, and bringing your fandom to life in the real world. In addition to helping geeks all over the world take their passions in hand through the power of the internet, he also imparts knowledge in person at comic book conventions.

Happily, Popverse's Ashley V. Robinson caught up with Odin Makes on the convention floor at C2E2.

“I’ll find the problem, fix the problem, and push it all the way through,” Odin tells Popverse about his preparation leading up to a convention, “I kind of live con crunch.”

Here is our full 10-minute interview with Odin Makes.

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