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A plane crash, an abandoned house, and ghosts(?): Take a sneak peek into one of the weirdest graphic novels of the season

Who doesn't love a possibly haunted house?

Three interior comic panels
Image credit: Dave Baker

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What happens when you take an action-adventure comic and squish it with a dystopian detective comic? Well, you get Mary Tyler MooreHawk from Dave Baker. Coming out from IDW in February, Mary Tyler Moorehawk features mutant shark-men, questions about reality, and much much more.

It's sure to be an adventure to remember, and we've got an exclusive sneak peek for you below (and some commentary on those pages from Baker below that.)

About the above excerpt, Baker shared a bit more about his intentions for Mary Tyler Moorehawk, "A plane crash? A haunted house? A subterranean graveyard? Spooky grim reapers who spawn zombie dogs? What more could you want in a book?

"When looking at these pages I'm reminded of two things. 1) I didn't originally have the crashed plane double page splash in the book. After finishing the chapter I went back and added it back in. Previously, the characters just talked about how The Hawk was shot down and crashed, and boy am I glad I put it back in there. It's much better this way. And 2) these pages are emblematic of how when I first started making this book I set out to create something I would think is cool. I set out a design remit for myself of making a book that had everything I wanted to draw in it.

"Of course, then I saddled myself with the 9 panel grid, thus making everything very difficult, but I think you can see me having fun drawing these pages. They're weird, goofy, and full of personality. And most of that comes directly from me having a good time drawing, I think. I can tell when I'm reading a book and the artist is not happy. So, these pages are me trying to do the exact opposite."

Mary Tyler Moorehawk debuts on February 13, 2024. Pre-order your copy from Amazon,, or Barnes & Noble now.

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