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Image Comics' Massive-Verse expands as Radiant Pink breaks into her own book

The Radiant Black spin-off is co-written by YouTube's Strawburry17

Radiant Pink #1 Preview
Image credit: Image Comics

She’s the social media superstar of Image Comics' Massive-Verse — not to mention one of the breakout stars of the fan-favorite series Radiant Black — but she's just getting started. Starting this December, she's also going to be the star of her very own comic. Ladies, gentlemen, and others: may I introduce to you: the spectacular Radiant Pink.

The four-issue Radiant Pink mini series pushes the influencer and part-time superhero far outside of her comfort zone, as a surprise appearance at a charity event by a bunch of mercenaries searching for the source of her powers ends up with Eva in an all-new, all-uncomfortable place in her life… literally.

The series is co-written by YouTube personality Strawburry17, also known as Meghan Camarena — who co-wrote the character’s origin story in Radiant Black #12 — and The Dead Lucky’s Melissa Flores, with art from Emma Kubert (DC Superhero Girls, InkBlot).

Who let me do this? Oh yeah thanks Kyle [Higgins]!” joked Camarena. “Radiant Pink is a tale of self love, growth and an extra bit of chaos. Sharing with you a chapter from a very vulnerable part of my life, told through Eva. Melissa Flores is bringing the angst and Emma Kubert is bringing the sparkle!“ 

"I'm having the time of my life co-writing Radiant Pink with Meghan,” added Flores. “I can't wait for the readers to dive into this insanely fun story that stays true to the spirit of Radiant Black, while delivering a lot of heart and a deeper look at complex issues. Paired with Emma Kubert's gorgeous art, this will be an incredible new adventure!"  

As for the twice-mentioned Emma Kubert, she said, “With Meghan and Melissa’s action-filled story and wonderful direction, I’m having a blast creating the exciting visuals of Radiant Pink. It’s an absolute thrill to follow Eva on this emotional roller coaster and really see all the different sides to this awesome, fun-loving character.”

Kyle Higgins, mastermind of the Massive-Verse and co-creator of the Radiant Pink character in the first place, had his say, as well: "It's been so much fun building out the Radiant Black side of the Massive-Verse and part of that includes having the opportunity to bring in Meghan, Melissa, Emma, Rebecca [Nalty, colorist] and Becca [Carey, letterer] to help us explore a very different side of 'superheroing," he said. "Similar to what Cherish, David and Miquel did with Satomi's story in Radiant Red, Meghan and Melissa are sending Eva to some pretty unexpected places. I can't wait for people to get to know her better."

The first issue of the series will be released December 7, with a cover from Kubert and with variants from Tom Whalen, and Kelly McMahon. Look below for an exclusive preview.

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