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Immaculate vs. The First Omen: Who's your favorite Antichrist?

It's franchise horror vs. new blood as Sydney Sweeney and Nell Tiger Free compete to be the best Mother of the Apocalypse

Image credit: Black Bear, 20th Century Fox

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It's 2024, and you get to choose your own Antichrist. But let's not talk about the election right now - instead, let's focus on movies. As of April 5, two Antichrist-centric pregnancy horror films are trying to outscare and outsell each other: Michael Mohan's Immaculate and Arkasha Stevenson's The First Omen.

When it came to deciding which to see first, you could say we were nun the wiser (I get paid for this!), so the gang at Popverse decided to leave it up to you. In this ringside Revelations rumble, which spawn of Satan are YOU gonna stan?

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