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Interviews with Monster Girls's creator is back, this time with a superhero action manga

Never be afraid to do something different is the lesson to be learned here

Interviews with Monster Girls screenshot
Image credit: A-1 Pictures

It’s always good to see a writer with a bit of range, but there are usually limits to that versatility. That’s why the announcement that the creator of Interviews with Monster Girls had a new manga coming out in 2024 was so eye-catching - instead of returning to the light-hearted tone of his previous work, Petos is turning his attention toward a more mainstream subject: superheroes.

Teaming up with Megumi Kouji, who is best known for illustrating the Bloody Monday manga, the new manga will follow the powerful Golden Man as he protects Neo York from villains who threaten the city’s peace. It is a fairly predictable premise, but we’re fascinated by the team-up of two creators whose signature work is so jarringly different. Interviews with Monster Girls combined elements of slapstick humor with a surprisingly deep and reflective cast of characters while Bloody Monday was planted firmly in the more grounded spy thriller genre. How they’ll marry their contrasting styles will be the key to how well this new series works.

Golden Man manga promotional image
Image credit: Kodansha

The currently untitled superhero action manga will debut in the February 2024 issue of Kodansha’s Weekly Young Magazine, though it will probably take some time for an official English translation to be released. A promotional image was released by Kodansha, which featured an early drawing of Golden Man. His intense expression and realistic design put the series at odds with the most well-known superhero manga, My Hero Academia, which features wildly stylized and often bizarre characters throughout its ongoing run. Hopefully, Petos can inject a bit of humor into the story to keep it from being too predictable and serious.

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