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Invincible season 3 release date: How long we think Amazon will make us wait for the next batch of episodes

The wait between seasons one and two was excrutiating.

screenshot from Invincible season two episode seven
Image credit: Amazon Prime Studios

If there is one thing that streaming fans hate, it’s having to wait. And Invincible has made a habit of making us all wait. First, there was a more than two-year wait between the end of season one and the start of season two. Then Amazon had the gall to make us all wait three-and-a-half months between parts in season two. So how long will we have to wait before Invincible season three’s release date?

The bad news is that we don’t know just yet, which isn’t a surprise considering that season two is still airing. We don’t expect to know when Invincible season three will come out until after the current season is fully out, possibly several months after that happens.

However, there is a positive spin here, and that is that we already know season three of Invincible is in the works because Amazon renewed the animated show for two additional seasons back in April 2021. That means that we know that the third season is coming. We also know, thanks to comments from Steven Yeun, who plays Mark Grayson/Invincible.

Shortly before the second season of Invincible returned from its long hiatus, Yeun told Collider, “For us, we know that this big break was not fun. We’ve been working hard to get a lot of backlog done. We wanna time this animation thing appropriately. So, yeah, we’ve been working. We’re banking episodes. We know what’s going on.”

So we know that the third season is being worked on. Robert Kirkman, the creator of Invincible who had been fighting off a lawsuit connected to the original comics, confirmed that the gap between the first two seasons would be the last long hiatus the show went on. All of this points to a more typical wait for the third season, probably sometime in 2025. Until we have official confirmation, though, we can only guess.

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