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Imagine Iron Maiden's 'Quest of Fire' as a comic, then read how Brian Posehn & Mike Oeming outdid your imagination

Drawn by quest for fire, Iron Maiden is coming to comics

Iron Maiden: Piece of Mind excerpt
Image credit: Z2 Comics

Prepare to live out some of Iron Maiden's greatest songs as its seminal album Piece of Mind has been adapted -- as comics.

In a unique partnership between the band and comics publisher Z2 Comics, November 22's Iron Maiden: Piece of Mind graphic novel anthology will have comic adaptations of each song on the album from heavy metal fans that happen to be amazing comic creators. How amazing? How about Powers' Michael Avon Oeming teaming up with comedian/actor Brian Posehn?

In fact, read this preview of the duo's adaptation of 'Quest For Fire' by Iron Maiden:

If that didn't whet your appetite, what if we told you Bruce Dickinson was writing the comics adaptation of 'Revelations'?

"When the idea of a Piece of Mind 40th Anniversary graphic novel first came up, I felt it was the perfect medium to expand outside the confines of the songs and to create new storylines and new dimensions through short form narrative and imagery," says Dickinson. "With ‘Revelations,’ it allowed me to add more layers and dimensions to the lyrics and add a new twist."

Z2 Comics is publishing Iron Maiden: Piece of Mind in multiple editions, ranging with two versions - the Oversized Deluxe and Asylum Editions - being encased in an asylum clamshell - complete with locking mechanism. That'd make ol' Eddie proud, wouldn't it?

Iron Maiden: Piece of Mind is available November 22, 2023 - just in time for Thanksgiving, if that's how your family rolls.

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