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Who should be the next James Bond actor? Tell us what you think

There is endless speculation about who could replace Daniel Craig but no firm answers yet.

Daniel Craig as James Bond in Casino Royale
Image credit: Eon Productions

Daniel Craig’s last outing as James Bond came out in 2021, but the rumors about who would succeed him as the iconic British super spy have been swirling for years before that. There has been no official word about who the next James Bond will be, leaving film fans no choice but to wildly speculate about who could be donning the tuxedo in the coming years.

While all of the names below have had rumors around them becoming the next James Bond actor, some are more substantiated than others. For example, Aaron Taylor-Johnson reportedly impressed producers during a super-secret screen test back in 2022, while Superman and The Witcher star Henry Cavill was previously passed on the role before Casino Royale for being too young but would be the perfect age for it now.

Other actors on this list have merely voiced interest in the role. Idris Elba is a fan-favorite to be the next James Bond but it isn’t clear if he has ever been seriously considered (though he should be). Spider-Man himself Tom Holland has mentioned in interviews that he would be eager to take on the role. Neither have been publicly tied to the role of James Bond in the past but certainly fit the bill.

The only thing we know for sure from the team looking to cast the next James Bond is that he will be male, British, and young enough to stick with the role for at least 12 years. That doesn’t exactly narrow it down but it does give us a baseline to work from.

While we wait for an official decision, now is when you get to decide: who should be the next James Bond?

There are dozens of names that have been rumored for the role of James Bond over the years, but it looks like we’ll have to wait a bit longer before we find out who is slipping behind the wheel of the Aston Martin. The next entry won’t even start pre-production for a few years yet, but we can’t help but get involved in the wild speculation ourselves. Who do you think should fill the role of James Bond?

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