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Unleash your inner secret agent by picking up James Bond's suit at auction

A rare piece of memorabilia from Sean Connery's time in the role could be yours, if you can afford it

You Only Live Twice screenshot
Image credit: United Artists

There are many things James Bond is known for: The gadgets. The cars. The dubious concept of consent during his encounters with women. Above all else, though, it has always been his impeccable sense of style that has made every actor who stepped into the role an almost immediate sex symbol. Whoever the actor, James Bond’s suits have become an intrinsic part of the character and now you can get your hands on a piece of that history.

Fans of classic James Bond movies will remember You Only Live Twice. It was Sean Connery’s final Bond film (until he would return in Never Say Never Again, at least), and has been hailed as one of the best in the franchise. In it, Connery flies to Japan wearing an impeccable grey suit before he heads off to a sumo tournament while on the case of Blofeld’s latest scheme. The suit that Connery wore during these early scenes has recently come up for auction and is a rare piece of memorabilia from the actor.

Sean Connery’s contract to play Bond included a clause that let him take home any clothing he wore during filming, so there aren’t many items like this out there. This is a shame, because the first thing anyone does when they put on a suit is strike their best Bond pose and hum that iconic theme song. If you’ve got an extra $40,000 lying around, you can go that extra step further and complete your Bond look.

Those worried about hygiene shouldn’t fret – only the suit jacket and pants were worn by Connery on set. The shirt, tie, and shoes are all reproductions by the same company that made the original suit. It isn’t quite the statement piece that the puffy shirt from Seinfeld is but it is still undeniably cool.

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