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It's official: James Tynion IV is the best comics writer in modern times

James Tynion IV has won the 'Best Writer' Eisner for the past three years (and that's just the beginning)

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James Tynion IV has come a long way since Talon.

The author of best-sellers like Something is Killing the Children and The Nice House on the Lake has a streak going for winning Best Writer at the Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards. His win during this year's San Diego Comic Con was the third in a row.

On top of those monumental wins, Tynion has been nominated for a stunning nine GLAAD Media Awards for Outstanding Comic Book, taking home the prestigious prize in 2016. This impressive number makes him the most nominated writer ever up for that award.

So what's Tynion up to these days? Well, the short answer is: a lot.

In the most recent missive from his Substack, The Empire of the Tiny Onion, Tynion highlights a whopping five comics that will cary his name from this month (that is, July 2023) alone - Wynd Book Three, Something is Killing the Children #31, The Sandman Universe Special: Thessaly #1, W0RLDTR33 #4, and The Oddly Pedestrian Life of Christopher Chaos #2, which he writes with frequent collaborator Tate Brombal.

And that's not even counting what he's got going on at Dark Horse, or the stuff coming up from DSTLRY. At this rate, they're going to run out of Eisners.

You can see a list of the other folks that celebrated wins at the Eisner Awards 2023 with James Tynion IV on Popverse. We've also got him reacting to his 2022 Eisner Award here.

Grant DeArmitt

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