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“But it was so cool, and I was so lucky:” Janet Varney discusses the upcoming Avatar movie, and returning to the series in Braving the Elements

Legend of Korra herself, Janet Varney talks about her Airbending past, present, and future

Veronica Valencia and Janet Varney
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The Legend of Korra's titular voice actor Janet Varney may be the avatar, master of all elements, but she also remains one of the biggest Avatar: The Last Airbender fans, and her love for the show continues to grow as Janet now has the exciting opportunity to go back and revisit the series in the Nickelodeon podcast Avatar: Braving the Elements. Janet has been able to speak with many guests on the podcast, ranging from directors, to actors, all of whom worked on the show, bringing with them memories, and a new perspective. Not only has Janet been diving deeper into the Avatar-verse, but she also received some very exciting news from Avatar Studios, and was able to share it with the rest of the four nations. Popverse’s own Veronica Valencia caught up with Janey Varney at C2E2 to discuss all things Avatar: Braving the Elements, the upcoming movie from Avatar Studios, and more! “So they let me say yes, the first movie, it’s confirmed, it’s going to be about Aang and his friends, and, you know, that news definitely went out into the world, and it was the cool[est] — I mean it really was.” Here is our full interview with Janet Varney:
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Interested in more Avatar? You can watch Janet’s Spotlight panel C2E2 here.

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