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Jason Aaron teases movement on the long-awaited Southern Bastards TV show

"I've had conversations about such things," he teased during a recent appearance

Southern Bastards
Image credit: Jason Latour/Image Comics

It’s been five years since the last issue of Southern Bastards hit the stands, but Jason Aaron is teasing a return for Coach Boss, Roberta Tubb, and the entire Runnin’ Rebs football team… except, maybe not in comics.

Talking about the Image Comics series — which disappeared in 2018 with a cliffhanger with #20; co-creator Jason Latour withdrew from public in 2020 after multiple allegations of harassment, although he’s since worked as a supervising producer on Sony’s Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse and launched his own Substack featuring comic material — at Thought Bubble this past weekend, Aaron was asked about the possibility of an adaptation into another medium. He replied by saying, “I've had conversations about such things. There's stuff in the works, now that stuff is in the works again [after the WGA strike].”

This shouldn’t be considered any kind of official announcement, he warned, adding, “You never know if things are going to work out, if they're going to turn into things.”

He knows what he’s talking about; Southern Bastards has been theoretically in the works as a TV property since 2015, when it was optioned by producer Scott Rudin and placed at FX. The road to the screen is long and slow, but… that’s not to say that it might not end up happening nonetheless, especially given the update offered above.

(Now, if only we could get a The Goddamned series happening...)

Read more from Jason Aaron’s Thought Bubble appearance with the full liveblog from the show itself.

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