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Hear about the Adventure Time multiverse, as imagined by Jake voice actor Jeremy Shada – where every character is Finn and Jake

Jeremy Shada has some ideas about exploring Adventure Time’s multiverse

Adventure Time
Image credit: Chris Houghton/Oni Press

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What time is it? It’s time to explore the Adventure Time multiverse! The animated franchise hasn’t been shy about exploring other realities. For example, the current spin-off Adventure Time: Fionna and Cake focuses on two characters who were introduced as multiversal counterparts of Finn and Jake. If you’ve seen the series, then you know that the cartoon gave us a fun tour of the Adventure Time multiverse. But what if we’ve only scratched the surface?

During an Adventure Time spotlight panel at Emerald City Comic Con 2024, Jake actor Jeremy Shada brainstormed some fun ideas for the multiverse. It all began when his co-star Olivia Olson brought up the season 2 renewal of Fionna and Cake. “Fionna and Cake got picked up for a second season. I have no idea if the three of us [Olsen, Shada, and John DiMaggio] will be in it. I’m sure Tom [Kenny] will be in it,” Olson said. “Well, you never know. The Adventure Time universe is very huge,” Kenny replied.

This got the gears turning for Shada. “Don’t they go to different realities in it? Can we have a reality where there’s more Jake and Finn? I’m just saying! Just putting it out there.”

“Like a reality where everybody in the show is Jake and Finn,” Kenny asked. “Exactly. We can even do a show called Adventure Time with Finn and Jake. Or not,” Shada joked. “Yeah, switch it up,” DiMaggio said, getting in on the bit.

“Yeah, because you don’t know. That universe is so expansive. It’s like Springfield, there’s a zillion characters,” Kenny replied.

Honestly, a universe filled with Finns and Jakes would be kind of wild. It’s the kind of chaotic thing that I could see Adventure Time doing. I wonder if Princess Bubblegum would look like Finn or Jake?

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