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We could be welcoming Krysten Ritter's Jessica Jones back into the MCU in just days

In the absence of information, all we are left with is wild speculation.

Jessica Jones in Season 2 of her Netflix show
Image credit: Netflix

Marvel’s Echo has become one of the most anticipated shows on Disney+ this month, partly due to the way it has been released and how much it embraces the TV-MA rating it has been given. However, an even bigger question is still looming for the show – which of the Netflix Marvel shows will be brought into the MCU through Echo? Specifically, will Jessica Jones be making her return to the MCU?

It's hard to blame us for asking the question, considering how Marvel has been toying with the idea of bringing the Netflix shows into its sprawling cinematic universe. Shortly after Charlie Cox and Vincent D’Onofrio were announced to return as Daredevil and Kingpin, The Hollywood Reporter cited rumors that Cox’s Matt Murdock would be “searching out a former ally” in Echo, with podcast The Weekly Planet stating that the ally in question was Ritter’s Jessica Jones. While that podcast isn't known for breaking news, that THR endorsed it says something is up.

However, since then there have been conflicting reports and rumors about whether we’ll get to see Jessica Jones in Echo. Some outlets continue to insist that she'll be retroduced to the MCU in the show while others are saying that her cameo has been written out. Even Marvel executives can't seem to agree on what is part of the Sacred Timeline and what isn't. As much as we loved Ritter’s take on the superstrong detective, we’re not sure if including her in this show would be the right move for Marvel. Echo is already in danger of being more about other characters than Alaqua Cox’s anti-hero, with multiple cameos threatening to steal the spotlight from her. Adding yet another to the five-episode season risks the show becoming messy and overcrowded.

All of this is speculation, though. Until the show releases on January 9, we won’t know for sure if Jessica Jones or any of the other characters from Netflix’s Marvel shows will make the jump into the MCU yet. Any rumors or reports you see before then should be taken with a grain of salt.

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