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Jingle All the Way is the worst good Arnold Schwarzenegger movie and you can own a piece of it

It's Turbo Time.

Jingle All the Way Turbo Man doll
Image credit: 20th Century Fox

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The '90s were a weird time for Arnold Schwarzenegger. He had been the biggest action star in Hollywood history for a decade before he made the somewhat baffling decision to switch to comedic films. Most of the movies from this era haven’t aged particularly well, except Twins, which is simply timeless, and the unhinged madness of Jingle All the Way.

The plot of Jingle All the Way focuses on Schwarzenegger’s quest to get the biggest toy of the season, Turbo Man, for his son just a few days before Christmas. The only thing standing in his way is every other parent in the Minneapolis and Saint Paul area. Along the way, he impersonates a cop, assaults the same mail carrier multiple times, and inadvertently blows up a radio station. It would almost certainly be considered one of Schwarzenegger’s most strange movies if it wasn’t immediately followed by Batman & Robin.

If you’re also keen to start your Christmas shopping early, you could always put a bid in on one of the maquettes used to create the Turbo Man doll in question. It isn’t the actual doll used in the final confrontation between Schwarzenegger and Sinbad in all their Power Rangers-esque glory – it is a kind of small early draft for that doll, with visual details that would eventually be scaled up and polished in the final product.

It is an interesting bit of memorabilia from the movie because it gives a touch of insight into the prop-making process along with being an unmistakable part of Schwarzenegger’s filmography. Jingle All the Way exists in a kind of limbo – you could call it one of the worst good movies or one of the best bad movies in Schwarzenegger’s filmography. For all its faults, it is at least memorable, which is more than can be said for many of the generic action films the star churned out shortly before becoming governor of California in 2003.

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