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Jonathan Hickman, Mike Del Mundo, Mike Huddleston bring 3 Worlds/3 Moons to SDCC '22

Popverse brings you live coverage from SDCC's 3 Worlds/3 Moons Panel

3 Worlds 3 Moons
Image credit: Popverse

Those looking for something a little different from their comics can enjoy this Thursday afternoon panel from San Diego Comic-Con centering around the breakout hit of Substack’s comics initiative.

The 3 Worlds/3 Moons collective makes its convention debut with creators Jonathan Hickman, Mike Del Mundo, and Mike Huddleston all scheduled to appear to discuss their groundbreaking science-fiction universe, as well as the reality of building all-new worlds in real time in front of a paying audience that gets a say in some of the decisions behind the scenes. It’s a new way of making comics, and it’s very possible that the panel will similarly break from tradition in ways we can’t even predict. Or maybe that’s just our excitement over the possibility of new announcements and unexpected reveals talking.

Popverse will be liveblogging this venture into the unknown in its entirety, so bookmark this page if you want to follow along as it happens, or come back later to read the whole thing from start to finish.

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Graeme McMillan

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