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Jujutsu Kaisen season 2: “It’s going to get even darker” says Yuji Itadori voice actor

The Jujutsu Kaisen cast talk about season 2 and give their theories for how the show could end.

Have you ever wondered how Jujutsu Kaisen will end? The cast of the critically acclaimed anime has their theories – but take them with a grain of salt. During a panel at Florida Supercon 2023, the voice actors were asked to pitch their own ending to the series.

“Junpei is going to come back. He’s going to enter Jujutsu Tech. Nanami’s going to be there to hug him. And they all hold hands and say this was our Jujutsu Kaisen,” Adam McArthur says.

“I don’t have a theory, I’m just in it for the ride,” Anne Yatco adds. “Everyone is okay at the end. Please. Please,” Kaiji Tang replied.

“There’s an entire arc where they go to therapy,” McArthur says.

The end of the series is not on the horizon, but the second season is. Jujutsu Kaisen season 2 will premiere on July 6 on the Crunchyroll streaming service. The sub episodes will premiere first, with the dub dropping sometime after.

The cast expressed some excitement about diving into the new season.

“I’m really interested in seeing what an even douchier Gojo is like,” Tang says. “The Gojo in season one is like the mature version of Gojoo. He’s mellowed out, he’s the most grown up he’s ever been. But teenage Gojo 0 what a menace. I’m really excited to see what he’s all about in season two.”

“Excited is certainly a word. Not emotionally prepared,” Yatco responds.

“I think we’re going to have our work cut out for us to be honest. There’s a lot of stuff coming in season 2,” McArthur teases. “I think it’s going to get even darker. I’m excited to see maybe some stuff that you haven’t seen in the manga that they sprinkle in throughout the season.”

However, don’t take that speculation as gospel. McArthur went on to explain that due to the unusual recording schedule, they hadn’t started dubbing the episodes yet.

“We have not started recording season 2,” McArthur said. “We’re generally about a week behind,” Tang replies.

Yes, we filmed this panel - and many more at Florida Supercon 2023. Look for them later this month on Popverse!

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