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Justice Society comic book series coming with Black Adam movie

DC's original superhero team, the Justice Society, ahead of the Black Adam film

Black Adam – The Justice Society Files cover by Kaare Andrews
Image credit: DC

DC's original superhero team, the Justice Society, are once again starring in their own comic book series - and it's coming in preparation for their big-screen debut in October's Black Adam film.

(Did you check out that first trailer for Black Adam? Lots of Justice Society action in that!)

Launching this August, Black Adam – The Justice Society Files is a four-issue comic book series that will profile the four principal members of the team intended to be an on-ramp to those new to the characters, and also a reminder of how great they are for the people who've already been following them. Don't

"After 5000 years of imprisonment, Black Adam is ready to impose his unique version of order on the modern world," reads DC's description of the Black Adam film. "The only thing standing in his way are the heroes of The Justice Society – Hawkman, Dr. Fate, Cyclone and Atom Smasher."

The four-issue series will be written by Cavan Scott, and will give a standalone story for each of those Justice Society members featured in the film. Each issue will also include a serialized back-up story written by Bryan Q. Miller giving a DCEU-ish origin to Black Adam, chronicling his birth, imprisonment, slavery, and growth into his own man.

Check out the primary covers by Kaare Andrews here:

Here's a schedule for each issue, along with who is drawing them:

  • July 5: Black Adam – The Justice Society Files: Hawkman #1 drawn by Scot Eaton, Norm Rapmund, and Andrew Dalhouse
  • August 2: Black Adam – The Justice Society Files: Cyclone #1 drawn by Maria Laura Sanapo and Arif Prianto
  • September 6: Black Adam – The Justice Society Files: Atom Smasher #1 drawn by Travis Mercer and John Kalisz
  • October 4: Black Adam – The Justice Society Files: Doctor Fate #1 drawn by Jesus Merino and Ulises Arreola

There will also be photo variant covers highlighting the Justice Society (and the actors playing them). Check those out here:

Black Adam opens in some international theaters on October 19, and in North America on October 21.

Get ready for the upcoming film with our guide of everything you need to know about Black Adam.

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