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Kevin Smith & Jason Mewes celebrated 30 years of Clerks at C2E2 '24 - and you can watch it here

That's right, Jay and SIlent Bob themselves were in the windy city, and you can watch their panel now

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MCU this, DCU that - where are the View Askewniverse fans? Well, I can't be sure, but I'd bet at least some were at C2E2 2024, since Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes, Jay and Silent Bob themselves, were there to talk about 30 Years of Clerks!

Of course, Clerks wasn't the only topic of conversation on the C2E2 2024 Main Stage, powered by C4 Energy. Kevin and Jason have been busy in the three decades since they broke into Hollywood, after all. And since we recorded the whole event, Popverse members can catch up on all they had to share.

Popverse is filming this and many other panels in Chicago for C2E2 weekend this year - and you can watch all of them by becoming a paid Popverse member. While some are available free, many are an exclusive benefit to paid Popverse members as part of a gigantic package which includes early access to convention tickets and celebrity opportunities for C2E2 (as well as New York Comic Con, MCM Comic Con, and Emerald City Comic Con), first-look at articles from the Popverse team, and an archive of over 200 panels from previous events including C2E2, NYCC, ECCC, MCM, and Florida Supercon.

Watch the 30 Years of Clerks panel with Kevin Smith & Jason Mewes here:

And since you're here, why not learn how to watch the complete View Askewniverse in order?

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