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Kickstarter loses its head of comics after an abbreviated 6-month stint

Kickstarter's head of comics Bryce Gold just headed out after just six months on the job.

Image credit: Kickstarter

Kickstarter has become a major part of the comic industry's ecosystem - for fans, for creators, and for publishers. That's why the sudden departure of the crowdfunding company's head of comics is news - especially when you consider he was only there for six months.

Popverse has learned that Bryce Gold has left Kickstarter just six months after he joined the company as its head of comics. We're told the decision was amicable, and due to Gold leaving for another work opportunity.

What does the head of comics at Kickstarter do? According to a previous job listing, the position is in charge of managing and curating the Comics category of Kickstarter - from recruitments and approvals to cultivation and customer service, both to the comics creators and to the people contributing money to make these projects happen.

Kickstarter's previous head of comics, Oriana Leckert, is still in the company in a larger role as head of publishing. Popverse hasn't been able to determine who will take Gold's place, but that Leckert and Liz Mowe - the company's director of outreach - are helping as they can during the vacancy.

Bryce Gold joined Kickstarter after eight years on ComiXology, and his decision to leave Kickstarter comes just as that platform was mothballed by its owner, Amazon.

Chris Arrant

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