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Kickstarter recruits ComiXology's content lead to head its comic division

Amazon's original comics content head at ComiXology, Bryce Gold, is jumping to Kickstarter

Bryce Gold goes from ComiXology to Kickstarter
Image credit: Popverse

Just one day after announcing his departure from ComiXology, we have learned where the former head of comics content Bryce Gold is going.


Yes, Bryce Gold has been hired as Kickstarter's new head of comics. Gold will be succeeding Oriana Leckert - who was recently promoted to be Kickstarter's overall director of publishing. Popverse has been told Leckert will focus on the publishing and journalism categories, with Gold focusing on the comics side.

As Kickstarter's head of comics, Gold will manage and curate the Comics category of Kickstarter - from recruitments and approvals to cultivation and customer service, both to the comics creators and to the people contributing money to make these projects happen.

"I think being successful in this role requires an intricate knowledge of all major and minor aspects of publishing comics. My experience in both the mainstream and indie comics spaces have given me a unique understanding of the needs and challenges faced by comics creators from all creative backgrounds," Gold says. "As former Head of Content with Comixology, I’ve shepherded Eisner-award winning series and creators into readers’ hands in digital and print formats, and found exciting ways to connect creators with their fans and audiences worldwide."

Bryce Gold joins Kickstarter after eight years on ComiXology, the defacto market leader when it comes to digital comics. He is also the publisher/editor of the comics/zine micropress Pyrite Press, and co-founder of the quarterly comics reading and animation showcase known as Zoetrope.

"As an indie publisher with Pyrite Press, I understand the unique obstacles faced by cartoonists and micropresses to bring groundbreaking work into the world with smaller-scale resources," Gold continues. "My experiences have helped me appreciate the role Kickstarter plays in the comics industry as a platform that allows creators to maintain 100% of their creative independence while giving them access to the funds and community they need to bring their projects to life. I’m so excited to bring my perspective to Kickstarter and help comics creators achieve their dreams."

When asked, Gold shared that some of his favorite recents comics that have used the Kickstarter platform are Rosemary Valero-O'Connell's Don't Go Without Me (Shortbox) and Linnea Sterte's A Frog In The Fall (PEOW).

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