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ComiXology Originals head of content Bryce Gold announces departure from the company

Gold had led the originals program since June 2022.

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The changes keep coming at Amazon’s digital comics platform ComiXology, with the current head of the ComiXology Originals program Bryce Gold announcing that he is leaving after eight years with the company.

Gold's departure was announced in a tweet on his personal account, in which he wrote, “Some big news: after 8 life-changing years, I have decided this will be my last day at @comixology. Comixology has been a home I will always cherish, where comic lovers worked tirelessly to provide the best digital comics experience to readers worldwide.”

Gold joined the company back in 2015, working his way up from digital assets assistant to an increasingly visible profile in the ComiXology Originals division, initially as a program manager before taking over the role of Head of Content following Chip Mosher’s departure from the company last June. As such, Gold was responsible for editorial duties, developing titles, and working with creators, in addition to dealing with the print editions of the Originals books with Dark Horse Comics in the U.S. and Delcourt internationally.

Beyond his work with ComiXology, Gold is also the owner and publisher of Brooklyn-based indie and zine publisher Pyrite Press.

In a later tweet, Gold teased, “While I am sad to say goodbye to the amazing team of creators and my coworkers @comixology, I will not be saying goodbye to comics. Stay tuned for more news.”

Gold's departure comes months after ComiXology was hit by significant layoffs as part of wider cutbacks at its corporate parent Amazon, with more than three quarters of staff let go. In April, it was announced that the ComiXology-operated Marvel Comics app would close in early June. Popverse has been tracking the ComiXology story and what it could mean for the future of the company for an upcoming story to be published shortly.

After leaving ComiXology last year, Gold’s predecessor as Head of Content, ComiXology Originals, went on to form new publisher DSTLRY.

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