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Deadman has sympathy for DC's newest megavillian Insomnia as Knight Terrors unfolds

An exclusive first look at the Knight Terrors finale

Knight Terrors #4 cover
Image credit: DC

DC's summer superhero horror event 'Knight Terrors' is now underway, after kicking off with a Free Comic Book Day 2023 special, and will go into full force starting July 4. Popverse will be covering the entire event, and we've already gotten some clues about the saga's ultimate ending.

Knight Terrors #3 cover
Image credit: DC

Popverse has a first look at the covers and company description for the final two issues of the core limited series, Knight Terrors #3 and #4. This horror hero event introduces a major new DC villain named Insomnia, who is using dreams and nightmares to battle DC's heroes.

"It’s Nightmare on DC Street, it’s Freddy Krueger versus DC," event writer Joshua WIlliamson told POpverse recently. "let’s just have fun, be scary, and find ways to connect it to the bigger stories we’re doing in our books and what’s going to happen on the other side."

Due to the supernatural nature of Knight Terrors, DC is bringing back to the fore its dead superhero Deadman as a central protagnist - so much that he's even writing the company description of each issue.

"Welcome back, ghouls and ghosts! Deadman here—Boston Brand, again!" reads the description for Knight Terrors #3. "My horror adventure continues as the Sleepless Knights attack us. But now I have a new problem: Batman’s son Damian is furious and keeps trying to fight me! My only safe haven is… the House of Horror."

Here is a gallery with the main Knight Terrors #3 cover by Ivan Reis and Danny Miki, along with variants by Francesco Mattina, Giuseppe Camuncoli, Gary Choo, and an uncolored version of the main cover.

Knight Terrors #4 is the finale of the main event series, and in the description for it Deadman shows some surprising levels of empathy for this new horror villain in the DCU.

"Insomnia searches the nightmares of all the heroes for his precious Nightmare Stone and keeps on coming up empty-clawed! Wesley Dodds, Batman, and I must return to the haunted Arkham Tower to confront Insomnia, but…now I know why Insomnia hates the heroes. And I gotta be honest: I’m having a hard time not relating. Maybe Insomnia is owed his revenge.

Here is a gallery with the main Knight Terrors #4 cover by Ivan Reis and Danny Miki, along with variants by Caspar Wijnaard, Mico Suayan, Darick Robertson, and an uncolored version of the main cover.

Knight Terrors #3 and #4 are written by Williamson, with art by Giuseppe Camuncoli, Stefano Nesi, andd Caspar Wijngaard.

Knight Terrors #3 goes on sale on August 3, with the event series finale Knight Terrors #4 due out August 22.

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