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Let's Play webtoon is getting into the dating game with a new dating sim

Leanne Krecic launches a new dating sim based on her webcomic Let's Play

Image credit: Mongie Studios

For years, fans have fallen for Leeanne M. Krecic’s webcomic Let’s Play… and now, they can play along with it, as well; launching February 14, Krecic (who also goes by the name Mongie) is also crowdfunding Everdate, a dating sim based on the popular webcomic property.

Players will be able to play as one of 12 canonical Let’s Play characters, building relationships with other characters from the webcomic as they try to create the perfect date — which includes choosing the location, the attire, and creating a 'date deck' of cards to help make the experience the best it could be.

“I'm so incredibly excited to present Everdate! It has been a fantastic experience thus far, and it is a wish come true of mine to be able to create a video game,” said Krecic in a statement. “Pursuing my career as a comic creator in 2016 was a dream, and this will be another box checked on my bucket list! I've always loved gaming since playing text-based games on the Commodore 64. And another passion of mine growing up was playing Magic: The Gathering. Now I can combine my love for both in Everdate, a dating simulation, and a CCG game. I hope others will enjoy Everdate as much as I have, and it will allow readers to stay connected to the story of Let's Play for when it can return.”

The launch of the Everdate campaign is the first news from Krecic since she parted ways with WEBTOON last November, citing “ongoing difficulties” with the webcomic platform. At the time, she promised that Let’s Play would return “at a new venue,” although it’s unclear whether or not this was in reference to Everdate or an actual return for the comic strip itself.

Everdate is being developed by Krecic under the newly-launched Mongie Studios moniker — alongside game studio Always Imagine. “Working with Leeanne and her team has been one of the best collaborations we’ve ever had on a project, and it’s exciting to build something that feels new and innovative,” said Always Image CTO Tony Hobdy. “We can’t wait for people to play it.”

The game will be available in both mobile and PC versions, with additional platforms intended as stretch goals for the Kickstarter campaign. More information about the game and the campaign can be found here.

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