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Looking back (and ahead) on representation in video games with Queer Coded at MCM Birmingham

Dubbed 'A History of LGBT+ Video Games,' this panel examines the gaming industry and its changing attitudes. You can watch it live

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Queer gamers are nothing new, however, the industry's attitude on their demographic has changed immensely over the past few decades, with more queer characters being represented and more queer stories being celebrated every day. That's not to say the struggle for representation is over however, which is part of the reason that MCM Birmingham hosted the special panel Queer Coded: A History of LGBT+ Video Games.

Whether you're invested in video games yourself or just interested in the history of queer pop culture, you can check out the panel in its entirety here on Popverse. In fact, you can watch it below.

Watch the Queer Coded: A History of LGBT+ Video Games from MCM Birmingham Comic Con December 2023:

You can watch all the main stage panels from MCM Birmingham 2023 anytime here.

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