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The official Fourth Wing pronunciation guide, according to Rebecca Yarros herself

You've been saying Basgiath wrong the whole time, but don't worry Rebecca Yarros can help

Image credit: Rebecca Yarros, ReedPop

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Fly or die! Bookish fans out there will recognize this slogan as Fourth Wing, a adult fantasy romance series from author Rebecca Yarros, has become a sensation - spawning not only a sequel but also an Amazon Prime Video TV series deal. Fourth Wing follows Violet Sorrengail as she enters Basgiath, a war college where residents of Navarre train in different fields to serve their kingdom. For Violet, she enters the rider's quadrant where between dragons, fellow students, and morally grey male characters, survival is not guaranteed.

Popverse's Veronica Valencia caught up with Rebecca Yarros at New York Comic Con to discuss how Fourth Wing went from a trilogy to a five-book series, Taylor Swift, and how her music influenced the book, and even set the record straight on how to pronounce all those fantasy names.

"[What is] the name of Xaden's dragon?" asks Veronica Valencia. "Suh-gale," Rebecca Yarros tells Popverse. "This is a quiz, you are quizzing me. I'm going to have a moment where I'm like, "I don't know what dragon is that!?"

You can watch our full interview with Rebecca Yarros here:

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