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Baldur's Gate 3 Dark Urge voice actor Neil Roberts opens up about his ADHD, and how he "never stops doing takes"

Dark Urge's actor Neil Roberts shares his personal side with Baldur's Gate 3 fans at MCM.

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Many of us have found a connection with the characters of Baldur's Gate 3, particually with Dark Urge - played by Neil Roberts. During the Baldur's Gate 3 cast panel at London's MCM Comic Con, Roberts shared a surprisingly personal moment that only makes this fan appreciate and connect with him even more.

During the panel, Roberts shared that he has ADHD and how it effects not only his performances but also interacting with fans.

"I have ADHD and my memory is quite poor. I genuinely don't remember 90% of my dialogue," says Roberts. "I have a file on my phone with Dark Urge quotes for when people ask for quotes."

Roberts is self-effacing, describing how he works.

"I never stop doing takes," says the actor, "but they're all the same. I am staggered by Voice Actors who have range. I do not."

Roberts said that he was hesistant to reveal his ADHD diagnosis to his co-workers, but decided to do so to Baldur's Gate 3's lead voice director Josh Weeden - and it helped.

"The impulsiveness of ADHD can be beneficial for an actor, but it can also cause problems," says Robrts. "I had never shared that before but hearing that helped me."

Neil Roberts followed that emotional moment by riffing on everything he sees to simulate what goes on in his head.

"You really should live in my head. It is a trip."

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