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The best Miami beach dining options for when you're here for Florida Supercon

Wondering where to grab a meal around Miami's Florida Supercon? We've got you covered and smothered

Florida Supercon 2023
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Don't miss Florida Supercon 2024, happening in Miami Beach Friday July 12 - 14. Popverse will be there all three days, immersing ourselves in the pop culture party full of vendors, events, and celebrities from the worlds of comics, movies, TV, gaming, and more. Buy tickets now!

Florida Supercon 2024 is almost upon us and, let's be honest, you can only eat so many pop culture-branded popsicles before you need real food. But if you're not local to Miami, you might not know where to go, especially with so much going on, food-wise.

That's where Popverse comes in. We've put together a list of the best places to eat around Miami Beach Convention Center, and we're giviing you the low-down on each below. No need to thank us but, if you're really feeling grateful, maybe save us a popsicle or two.

We can't have them in the convention office.

Rosetta Bakery

Image credit: Rosetta Bakery

In the mood for something sweet and fresh out of the oven? Or maybe sometthing flaky and savory? Rosetta Bakery is a greta call, especially for your breakfast as you head to the convention. Just be aware - crumbs show up really well on predominantly black cosplays.

Lookin' at you, Darth Vaders.


Image credit: Amalia, Instagram

Say you're in the mood for a sit-down meal in between panels or perhaps after a long day of convention-walking. Amalia, dishing out Southern-influenced Mediterranean Cuisine, is certainly worth looking into. And though I've nothing against the streetcart food that you might find around conventions, eating falafel in a nice, air-conditioned space is likely a better experience.

Havana 1957

Feeling hungry but not fancy? Why not try a sandwich at Havana 1957, a Miami chain that serves up the best in deep-fried and between-bread fare. Pair it with an ice cold beer from the bar and you'll have a meal that lasts you the entire time you're standing in liine waiting for that special autograph.

Maybe use the bathroom before that, though.


Image credit: Yardbird

Let's say your day wrapped early and you want a nice, slow dinner. Or perhaps that panel you want to get to isn't until the afternoon and you're in the mood for brunch beforehand. Do yourself a favor and look into Yardbird's menu, I have a feeling you won't be disappoined in either case.

Chalan on the Beach

Image credit: Chalan on the Beach, Facebook

One of the oldest Peruvian spots in Miami, Chalan on the Beach is a great place to go if you're not a local but want to sample some local dining. Notable menu items include Fish Ceviche, Potatoes a la Huancaina, and Jalea Mixta.

Pizza Bar

Image credit: Pizza Bar

Of course you can get pizza on the convention floor, but whether it's hot or fairly priced is a bit of a gamble. That's why, if you're hankering for a good slice, we highly encourage you to check out this hip spot with classic pizza joint sensabilities. Plus, you'll get to sit down and eat the pizza, which is, as you probably know, not a wise idea on a con floor.

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About Florida Supercon 2024

Florida Supercon is back in Miami Beach July 12-14, 2024 and the party is bigger than ever! With three days jam-packed with your favorite fandoms and celebrity guests, this is a must-attend event to discover the best of pop culture. Epic memories and awesome friendships await you at Florida Supercon, the show created for YOU.

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