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Loki season 2: Miss Minutes announces new series premiere date two weeks before show's return

This change was announced through a short Miss Minutes video on Disney+'s official twitter

Still image of Miss Minutes from promotional video
Image credit: Disney+

Miss Minutes has some more tricks up her sleeve, and we've got a peek at one of those tricks even before Loki Season 2 debuts in October. In a video released today on social media by Disney+ and Marvel Studios, Miss Minutes changed Loki's timeline... well, Loki season 2's release timeline that is.

Yes, we're just a few weeks out from the debut of Loki season 2, and Miss Minutes has moved the release time up by a day. Fans will no longer have to wait until October 6 to catch everyone's favorite trickster god (and everyone's favorite Mobius), Loki season 2 will begin streaming on October 5 at 6PM Pacific.

Right after the changed date information debuted, Disney+ shared another Loki season 2 video, this time a featurette which features Loki cast members talking about what fans can expect from season 2. Watch that video below.

Cover image for YouTube videoMarvel Studios’ Loki Season 2 | Amazing Loki

Are you really excited for Loki season 2 and want to know everything there is to know about it? Check out our guide to everything we know so far about Loki season 2.

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