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Lore Olympus heading into "very exciting" new arc imminently according to WEBTOON VP

Lore Olympus is about to get (even more) exciting

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Image credit: WEBTOON (Rachel Smythe)

If you're in the comics space at all, you've heard about (and have probably read) Lore Olympus. Rachel Smythe's WEBTOON adaptation of the Hades and Persephone story has, over the past five years, catapulted up the charts to become one of the most successful webtoons on the platform with bestselling print editions and an animated series from the Jim Henson Company in the works as well.

For those reading, the series is currently deep into its season 3, and there's more excitement to come. Last Monday, Popverse sat down with WEBTOON's VP of content David Lee, who brought up Lore Olympus as one of the comics he's most excited about right now. "There's a very big arc... without spoiling much, there are very big things happening in Lore Olympus right now, literally this week and next week," Lee said. "This month will be very exciting."

It's worth noting that Rachel Smythe announced on Twitter earlier this week that Lore Olympus will go on a two-week hiatus. The arc that Lee references will most likely begin in March, when the series starts back up.

We certainly cannot wait to see what's going on with Hades and Persephone when the series, and they, return.

Read Lore Olympus on WEBTOON or buy print copies of the series to read if you prefer to flip pages instead of scroll. And if you haven't read the series yet and want to get a feel for it, watch the series trailer below.

Did you know there's even Lore Olympus merch at Hot Topic? There's shot glasses, shirts, and more.

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