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Five shows to watch after you've finished watching Loudermilk on Netflix

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Loudermilk is a hit - at last. With a second life on Netflix, it seems that the show has finally reached the audience it always deserved. But there's a problem - there's only three seasons to watch. While there may be miracles in the works somewhere out there (numbers like these can sometimes move mountains), what are we to watch while we wait for those miracles to happen?

Here are our five recommendations on what to watch after Loudermilk.


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Image credit: Paramount Comedy Channel

Spaced is a sitcom directed by Edgar Wright and created by and starring Simon Pegg and Jessica Stevenson. If that doesn't already have you scrambling towards your Prime Video subscription, the show follows the chaos between Londoners Daisy and Tim, who, though they barely know each other, decide to move in together. If you haven't watched this yet... seriously, what are you doing with your life?


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If you're starting to feel like this is a list of deep cuts, you may be right (what is more appropriate than a deep cut rec for a deep cut show, after all?). Terriers was an FX comedy that followed an ex cop and his best friend (who happens to be a former criminal) as they run an unlicensed PI business. The show is funny and well acted, and well worth your time.


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Image credit: IFC

If what drew you to Loudermilk was the weird comedic tone set in the PNW, Portlandia has weird comedy in spades - all focused on the many stereotypes of Portland as a city. Portlandia, unlike the other shows on this list, consists solely of sketches, featuring (and created by) Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein. Also unlike the other shows on this list, there are eight full seasons for you to binge.

Party Down

Still image from Party Down
Image credit: Prime Video

Party Down may be the definition of the cult classic comedy that has found an extremely passionate audience over time. In fact, the cult aspect of the show led to a revival of the series an entire decade later (cross your fingers, Loudermilk fans). The show follows a group of caterers (the catering company is called Party Down) in Los Angeles and their antics and dreams of making it in Hollywood. That first season is pure comedy magic.


Promotional still from JPod
Image credit: CBC Television

This may be a hard series to track down - but it also may be worth it. This series was based on a Douglas Coupland novel and followed a group of video game developers in Vancouver. The show is funny, absurd, and the perfect watch for any geek. Unfortunately, the show was also short lived and only got one season. But heck if it isn't a hell of a season. IF you've seen it, tell me I'm not alone.

Netflix's Loudermilk is a hit - and its backstory is even more tragic (and meta) than its Ron Livingston's character's

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