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Marvel is creating its own version of Cheers with Spider-Man, Miles Morales, and more

Everyone needs a place where everyone knows your name (well, not your secret identity!)

Spectacular Spider-Men #1
Image credit: Humberto Ramos (Marvel Comics)

Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name - even Spider-Man. Maybe not by the name 'Spider-Man,' but by your real name: Miles Morales or Peter Parker. And now the two are getting their own Cheers-esque hangout in the upcoming series Spectacular Spider-Men.

In an interview with Popverse's Joshua Lapin-Bertone, Spectacular Spider-Men writer Greg Weisman reveals this interesting twist - and all the details fit to be shared now, a couple months before the series launches on March 6, including the location: the Coffee Bean.

Amazing Spider-Man #593 cover
Image credit: Joe Quesada (Marvel Comics)

"I have a nice group of regulars at the Coffee Bean, both behind the counter and in front of the counter. They had to mesh. The idea is to sort of create a Cheers like environment for Pete and Miles," Weisman tells Popverse. "A place where they can go where everybody knows their name, and knows their coffee order, and they can just hang out and relax as human beings, not as superheroes."

Among the other members of this 'cast' for Marvel's version of Cheers is the returning supporting character Sha Shan, which Weisman helped popularize in the 2008 animated series Spectacular Spider-Man.

Spectacular Spider-Men #1 cover
Image credit: Humberto Ramos (Marvel Comics)

"So, you needed a group of regulars and you needed a couple of people behind the counter who are the regular baristas there. We have a nice group," says Weisman. "I had to find a group of characters that sort of meshed for that, and I think we've succeeded."

And while the name the Coffee Bean might make you think this is some sort of tie-in with the chain The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Marvel's Coffee Bean debuted in comics a full year prior to that chain's first location.

In Marvel Comics' continuity, the Coffee Bean is a coffee and malt shop in the Tribeca neighborhood of Manhattan; one that's often frequented by students of the nearby Empire State University - a fictional college Peter Parker and othes have attended over the decades.

"There was a sort of logical 'this is a good meeting place for us.' Both Pete and Miles have their own books," says Weisman. "And so, this is not a title that's going to be dealing with the kind of, and I don't mean this pejoratively, but the kind of soap opera of their lives. That's the role of their individual titles to sort of focus in on their personal lives. This is going to be a little more about fun adventures."

"And the idea is that, we're going to get together, we're going to meet for coffee once a week here at the Bean. And no costumes, no supervillains, and no team-ups," the writer continues. "This is just friends getting together, checking in. And then of course, you know, best laid plans, right? This giant Jackal runs by, I guess we're going to get in costume, and I guess we're going to have some team-up action and stuff here. But, from their point of view, this was like, let's be human beings for a change. Let's hang out and just talk."

Stay tuned for Popverse's full interview with Greg Weisman on Spectacular Spider-Men later this month.

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